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Class Schedule 2017-2018


Preschool Levels

Dance Mix 1

Tuesday 6:15pm (Ages 4-5)

Dance Mix 2

Thursday 6:30pm (Ages 2-3)


Beginner Levels

(Ages 6-8)

Jazz A/B                                        Thursday 4:45pm

Ballet A/B                                      Thursday 5:30pm

Tap A/B                                          Tuesday 4:45pm

Acro A/B                                         Tuesday 5:30pm


Intermediate Levels

(Ages 9-12)

Jazz C/D                                       Thursday 4:45pm

Ballet C/D                                     Thursday 5:30pm

Tap C/D                                         Tuesday 4:45pm

Acro C/D                                        Tuesday 5:30pm

Hip Hop C/D                                 Wednesday 6:15pm


Advanced Levels

(Level E ages 13-15, Level F ages 16+)

Acro E/F                                       Wednesday 7:00pm

Ballet E/F                                     Tuesday 7:00pm

Tap E/F                                         Tuesday 6:15pm

Jazz E/F                                        Tuesday 8:00pm

Hip Hop E/F                                 Wednesday 6:15pm

Contemporary                               Wednesday 8:00pm

Pointe                                            Wednesday 5:30pm

Jumps & Turns                              Thursday 7:00pm

Step 1:

Pick a class


Adult Level


Adult Tap                                        Thursday 7:15pm

Adult Jazz                                       Thursday 8:00pm

Ballet Barre                                    Tuesday 7:00pm

Jumps & Turns                               Thursday 7:00pm


Award Winning Performance Troupe

Full Troupe Practice                       Thursday 6:30pm

Petite Company                           Wednesday 5:30pm

Junior Company                             Thursday 7:45pm

Senior Company                            Thursday 8:15pm

Step 2:

Review our Prices


Class Pricing

Number of Classes                         Price per Month     

1 Class                                            $40/month

2 Classes                                         $75/month

3 Classes                                         $100/month

4 Classes                                         $125/month

Family Plan                                     $150/month

Petite Company                               $100/month

Junior Company                              $120/month

Senior Company                              $120/month

Step 3:

Sign Up!




Open House for

Fall Registration



Wednesday, August 16th

6-8 pm




Saturday, September 2nd

2-4 pm



Contact us at (413) 533-4008 or to register!

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The Basics...

Are you new to the world of dance?  Please allow us to explain briefly the levels and expectations for both our children and adults.

Description includes category, level, age range, and photo.

Ages are generalizations and may vary based on experience.

Staff members may invite any student to advance to upper level classes as they see fit.

Dance genre, dates, and times can be found on the classes page, here.  This includes details on all classes for adults.


Level: Dance Mix 1 & 2

Age: 4-5 & 2-3

Description: Fundamentals of movement,  stage presence, and fun for the little ones.



Level: a/b

Age: 6-8

Description: Teaching the basics of style and combination.


Level: c/d

Age: 9-12

Description: More complex styles and movements with more emphasis on strength and flexibility.


Level: e/f

Age: 13-19

Description: For well-rounded performers seeking more advanced discipline and style.






Hip Hop





Musical Theater