All TDS students are Stars to us !!
In any class... at any age and any level... All TDS students receive quality instruction and proper technical training ... TDS is a leader in Preschool Dance Education... TDS students learn the many aspects of Performing  arts - not just dance... TDS has an experienced, certified, and award winning staff...
TDS prices are affordable...TDS helps you fundraise... TDS has all your needs in one place....
Won't you choose TDS and join our TDS Family?
Beginners, Intermediates,
Advanceds, Adults,
and Preschoolers
Wed Aug 13th 6 to 8 PM
and Sat Sep 6th 2 to 4 PM

Ballet classes are FREE when you register during Open House... Registration fee $5


   Feel free to come into the studio and watch or take a class ($15)
Ages 3 to Adult
Boys and Girls

 Our annual Production is full of Dance, Drama, Voice, Little Ones, Adults, even Dad's...
a favorite every year for our audiences and critics alike!!

TDS was voted
Entertaining"  in 2006,
  "Best Entertainers" in 2007,
 "Star Performers" in 2008,
 "Top Choreography" in 2009,
Most Entertaining" again in 2010,
"Most Expressive Dancers" in 2011,
 "Best Te
chnique" in 2012
"ALL AMERICAN" team dancers 2013
"Total Commitment" in 2014

TDS Musical Theater Production
High Score winning Group
at 2012  Nationals






Wednesday Evenings
mid July to mid August

Dancing Darlings
(8 under) 6:30PM
Introductions to Dance using Creative movement, games, and the basics of each dance type.
Summer Fun (ages 9 up) 7:30PM
Classes mixing dance styles, acro, hip hop,
and musical theater using combinations
Dance Intensive - a challenging 2 hour class for more advanced students and athletes needing to stay in condition over the summer.




2014 - 2015 schedule


Dance mix 1 (ages 4-5 years) - TUE 6:15

Dance mix 2 (ages 2-3 years) - THU 6:15


 (ages 6-8)

tap a/b - TUE 4:45
jazz a/b - TUE 5:30  
acro a/b - THU 4:45

ballet a/b - THU 5:30

(ages 9-12) 

tap c/d - TUE 4:45
jazz c/d - TUE 5:30  
acro c/d - THU 4:45

ballet c/d - THU 5:30
Hip Hop - WED 6:15

Advanced students

(ages 13 up)

tap - TUE 7:15
jazz  - TUE 8PM  
acro - WED 7PM

ballet - WED 8PM
Hip Hop - WED 6:15
pointe - WED 8:45

modern - THU 7:15

jumps&turns - THU 6:15
Junior Company - TUE 6:15
Senior Company - TUE & WED 9PM 


single "try out" class = $15
1 class = $40/month
2 classes = $75/month
3 classes = $90/month
4 classes = $110/month
family plan = $150 unlimited

Senior & Junior troupe $120/month
(unlimited advanced classes)
Petite troupe $100/month
(unlimited intermediate classes)

 available by appointment
($20 per 1/2 hour)


Our annual FUNDRAISERS are

a great way to afford the high quality
dance education you will receive ...
Fall Fundraiser

to cover costume costs
Spring Fundraiser

to cover production costs



(ages 21 up)

tap - THU 7:15
jazz - THU 8PM
ballet - WED 8PM


TDS staff are all qualified, certified, and experienced educators that excel in their fields of dance.  Many are Massachusetts educators also!!  TDS is the leader in Preschool and Adult Dance!